Pantos USA, Inc.

Since 2016, Pantos USA, Inc. operates in 7 different locations throughout the US and aims to become the best logistics company in the world.


More than 200 people who are expertise in logistics

to provide quality warehouse and transportation services.

Pantos USA, Inc.

Warehouse Management
  • Pantos USA provides highly qualified in-and-out inventory cargo services with total 4 million square feet of warehouse space.

  • Advanced Information Technology System: With our warehouse management system(WMS), Pantos USA provides warehouse management optimization services, such as warehousing, releasing, inventory, distributing, and processing. 

  • KPI: Safety / Warehouse Productivity / Inventory Accuracy Management

Transportation Services
  • In accordance with the customer’s needs, Pantos USA delivers on time, safely and securely.

  • Pantos USA track shipments using GPS, and monitors events throughout    its transportation as a safety management measure.

  • KPI: On-time Delivery / Transportation Cost Management / Quality Control

IT Solutions
Business Meeting
  • Pantos USA IT solution offers Supply Chain Connectivity and systems integration in a single window cloud that incorporates order management, TMS, and WMS data for real-time management and global visibility from supplier to final customer.

  • Shipping documents provided via WEB, Pre-alert dispatch Service.

  • KPI Management Report.

Pantos USA Tariff Rule

111 Sylvan Ave. North Building L3

Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

201 - 472 - 2759